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Siddhi in WSO2 Stream Processor

  • You can use Siddhi in the latest WSO2 Stream Processor. It is equipped with a graphical and source query editor, debugger, event simulator, monitoring, data visualization and reporting support. All none GPL Siddhi extensions are shipped by default with WSO2 Stream Processor, and you can add other Siddhi extensions or upgrade existing Siddhi extensions, by removing and adding relevant Siddhi extension and its dependent OSGi bundles to <SP_HOME>/lib directory. If the Siddhi Extension depends on non OSGi jars convert them to OSGi bundles by following the steps provided in the SP docs.

  • Refer the WSO2 SP Quick Start Guide to try out Siddhi within WSO2 Stream Processor.

  • Refer WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation for more information.