Siddhi 5.1.1 released!
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Tool for building fully-fledged event-driven applications


Fully open source, cloud native, scalable, micro streaming, and complex event processing system capable of building event-driven applications for real-time analytics, data integration, notification, and adaptive decision-making usecases.

Event processing logic can be written using Streaming SQL queries via Siddhi graphical and source editor, to capture events from diverse data sources, process and analyze events, integrate with multiple services and data stores, and publish output to various endpoints in real-time.


Faster Development

Agile development experience with SQL like query language and graphical drag-and-drop editor supporting event simulation.

Cloud Native

Lightweight runtime that natively runs in Kubernetes via Kubernetes CRD, and works with systems such as NATS, gRPC, and Prometheus.

Scalable Deployment

Embedded event processing within Java, Python applications to running on bare metal, Docker and massively scaling on Kubernetes.

System Integration

Integrates with messaging systems (NATS, Kafka, JMS), Databases (RDBMS, NoSQL), Services (HTTP, gRPC), File systems, E-mail and others.

CI/CD Pipeline

Supports development lifecycle and seamless deployments, through simple file-based configurations, automated tests, and CI/CD pipelines.


Battle-tested with billions of events at UBER, eBay, PayPal, HCA, TFL, WSO2 and in many Fortune 500 companies enabling exactly once event processing.


Siddhi can run as an embedded Java or Python library, run as a microservice on bare-metal, VM, or Docker, and run natively at scale in Kubernetes processing millions of events per second.

Use cases

Streaming Data Integration

Alerts & Notifications

Adaptive Decision Making

Who Uses Siddhi