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The Committers

There are a lot of individuals contributed/contributing to Siddhi project for more than 7+ years. Based on the contribution towards Siddhi project, they have voted as committers. Below is the list of committers for the Siddhi project as of now (listed in alphabetical order).

We welcome new members to join the community and contribute.

Full Name Git Username Organization LinkedIn Profile
Anjana Fernando lafernando WSO2 /in/anjana-fernando-32517b8
Anusha Jayasundara AnuGayan WSO2 /in/anushajayasundara
Buddhi Kothalawala BuddhiWathsala WSO2 /in/buddhi-kothalawala-6782b5115
Chiran Fernando pcnfernando WSO2 /in/chiranfernando
Damith Wickramasinghe dnwick WSO2 /in/damith-wickramasinghe-16797645
Dilini Muthumala dilini-muthumala WSO2 /in/dilinimuthumala
Eranga Liyanage erangatl WSO2 /in/erangaliyanage
Gimantha Bandara gimantha WSO2 /in/gimanthabandara
Gobinath Loganathan slgobinath Huawei / Western University /in/gobinathl
Gokul Balakrishnan gokul TU München /in/gokul-balakrishnan
Grainier Perera grainier WSO2 /in/grainier
Hao Chen haoch Apache & eBay /in/haozch
Lasantha Samarakoon lasanthaS WSO2 /in/lasanthas
Minudika Malshan minudika WSO2 /in/minudika
Mohanadarshan Vivekanandalingam mohanvive WSO2 /in/mohanvive
Nisala Niroshana Nanayakkara NisalaNiroshana DSTA /in/nisalaniroshana
Niveathika Rajendran niveathika WSO2 /in/niveathika
Ramindu De Silva ramindu90 WSO2 /in/ramindudesilva
Sachini Jayasekara sacjaya University of Melbourne /in/sachinijayasekara
Sajith Dimal ksdperera - /in/sajith-dimal-90
Sajith Janaprasad Ariyarathna this Gapstars /in/sajithjanaprasad
Sajith Ravindra sajithshn WSO2 /in/sajith-eshan-3862b518
Sriskandarajah Suhothayan suhothayan WSO2 /in/suhothayan
Tanya Madurapperuma TanyaM WSO2 /in/tanyamadurapperuma
Tharik Kanaka keizer619 WSO2 /in/tharik619
Tishan Pubudu tishan89 WSO2 /in/tishan
Yasara Dissanayake Yasara123 DataSpark /in/yasaradissanayake

If you’re interested in becoming a committer yourself, the best way to do so is by participating in developer discussions and raising PRs to the project.